World’s first wave energy farm goes live

On Tuesday the 23th of September, the deployment of the first commercial wave energy farm in the world started. A Pelamis unit was towed into the sea, connected to an underwater cable and moored to the sea floor, at a site were it will stay for the next 15 years. The Industry was present at the highest level, as so a Minister and even the Navy showed up with a frigate to join the celebration.

Portugal’s Economy Minister visited the Aguçadoura wave farm in a ceremony to officially inaugurate the project. He travelled to the site on the Portuguese Naval Frigate “Corte Real” where a helicopter was launched to film the Pelamis machines and the raising of the Portuguese flag on one of the machines.

But is it all roses? Below the fold are a few thoughts and calculations that show how this is truly a green energy source. Green as in immature, that is.

pelamis wave power

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