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Mysterious Cracks in India

On Earth_Science_India group on Yahoo Rameshji posted photographs of  cracks in banda, Hamirpur, and Allahabad in India. These cracks are widespread, they are wide and also up to extent of 100 m or so. It will be intersting to find … Continue reading

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A spherical co-ordinate system (like latitude and longitude) works well only if one is using a globe but not if one has to display the data on a flat surface like a map. Thus arises the need for projections. Projection is … Continue reading

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Any organization, government private is in some way or another strongly linked to the geography in which it operates. A GIS that has been designed in a proper manner has the capability of providing quick and easy access to large … Continue reading

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GIS and Cartography

Maps have been an integral part of the human story for a long time. From cave/wall paintings, ancient maps of Babylon and Greek philosophers, through the Age of Exploration, and on into the 21st century, people have created and used … Continue reading

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