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Plate Tectonic , Plate Boundaries and Mid Oceanic Ridge

Plate tectonics is a theory dealing with the dynamics of the Earth’s outer shell, the lithosphere. Resting on a broad synthesis of geologic and geophysical data, it dominates current thinking in the Earth sciences. According to the theory, the lithosphere … Continue reading

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History of Ozone Hole

The Beginning … Dramatic loss of ozone in the lower stratosphere over Antarctica was first noticed in the 1970s by a research group from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who were monitoring the atmosphere above Antarctica from a research station … Continue reading

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Atmosphere of Earth

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Cutting-edge technology to track Indian fishermen on the high seas

India – Gandhinagar, Rs 153-crore new security system will prevent vessels from crossing into Pakistani waters Detention of Gujarat fishermen and their boats by Pakistan may soon become a thing of the past. The state government is all set to … Continue reading

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