GIS for mapping stormwater drains in Chennai

Chennai: Stormwater drains in two zones of the Chennai Corporation have been digitally mapped using the geographic information system (GIS).

Just a few clicks on the digitised map will help officials find data on stormwater drains, which need to be managed well to reduce floods and improve public health in the area. The GIS mapping of stormwater drains in 18 wards in Basin Bridge and Pulianthope zones was taken up as a joint project by Loyola College, University of Madras and the Chennai Corporation. The Ministry of Information Technology provided a grant of Rs.51 lakh. Using sketch maps from the Corporation, the project team physically verified the route of stormwater drains, their outlets into a waterway and the missing links in the network. This was done using global positioning system receivers that use satellite technology to ascertain locations.

Disease control

Project’s chief investigator S. Vincent, professor from the Department of Zoology in Loyola College and Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology member secretary, said, “Mosquitoes spend their larval and pupal states in water. They can breed in stormwater drains. The digital database can be used to indicate vulnerable zones for various mosquito-borne diseases.”

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