Famous Toy Train Passing Through Filth: Yeh Mera India

DSC08010The filth along the toy train track from Chandigarh to Simla is also calling to be cleaned on this cleanliness drive. Will the call be answered?

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Why Many Indian Girls Do Not Go to School and What We Can Do ?

1_newNational Sample Survey Organisation say that about 15 percent girls never attend school as compared to 11 percent boys. As the kids grow older, the gap in their educational status between widens and widens and becomes a huge one with huge implications over time. That is why I wrote this post for #​Selfies4School campaign by Breakthrough.

Why is this so?

Let’s Talk.

Here are some well known and talked about reasons.

Paucity of Resources

Lack of resources tempts people to prefer boys over girls to spend. They think that to invest in boys’ education is more profitable than to invest in girls’ education.

Paraya Dhan Attitude

Society believes that girls are Paraya Dhan- bound to go to ‘Other People’s House’ so often they do not want to invest in girl’s education.

Old Beliefs

Old belief that girls should not study above a certain level is a big obstacle in the ways of girls’ education.

Parents Attitude

Most of us believe that important reasons for girls’ drop-out takes place because of the belief amongst parents that girls do not need much or according to some do not even education  and because their help is needed at home front

Early Marriage

Early marriage is a major impediment on the girl’s road to a meaningful education and/or a degree. The marriage blocks her education in most of the cases.

According to a paper of Vimla Ramchandran there are many other  reasons as well:

  • Just Being a Girl
  • Being the Oldest child
  • School That is far away
  • Burden of work at home and outside
  • Dowry (more education needs a larger dowry)
  • Safety of girl
  • Lack of Toilets

    Parents are not only culprits in girls’ education as society often believe. Just being a girl is an important and often enough reason to and factors like early marriage and domestic work also affect the already bleak scenario significantly. However, the lack of a school in the vicinity is also a significant factor.Moreover, even more critical than this are  having disabled sibling, being oldest sibling and also her safety and security at school and on the road too. Keeping the fact in mind that girls even in urban India are not safe from perverts, one can imagine the scene around a village girl. Eve-teasing at school and college and fear of kidnapping and sexual attack on the way to school is always present and perhaps increasing if we consider the recent media coverage. Lack of toilets
     for girls in most schools is another huge and important factor. Menstruating girls often drop out because of this lack.So the most important reason why girls are not being educated is not because of parents’ reluctance to send the girl to school but also because of lack of infrastructure and lack of moral behavior amongst some people around the girls. Human trafficking has reached massive proportions in India and village girls are most vulnerable.

    P.S-> I am a teacher have written this post with valuable inputs from my students many of them are girls like the campaign mascot Uma with her scarf flying like a cape.     


Link(s),Source(s) and Inspiration(s):

A Wide Angle View of India

Vimla Ramchandran’s paper

The Campaign by BreakThrough

The Scenario around Us


My students


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Right of minorities in Majoritarian Government

Originally posted on Hille Le:



Transcript of Mr.Fali S. Nariman’s 7th Annual Lecture of National Commission of Minorites: “Minorities at Cross Roads: Comments on Judicial Pronouncements” delivered on Friday, 12th September, 2014 at Speaker Hall(Annexe), Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi
Organized by The National Commission of Minorities
The elections in April-May, 2014 this year have put a strong majoritarian Government in power at the Centre. I welcome it.
Whilst I welcome a single-party majority government, I also fear it.
I fear it because of past experience with a majoritarian government in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies: when the the nall-Congress Government had unjustifiably imposed the Internal Emergency of June 1975. And rode rough shod over the liberties of citizens. I cannot forget it nor can I condone it.
My wife and I have lived through it and we know how a very large number of people suffered.
Traditionally Hinduism has…

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India Gets to Mars on the First Try – MOM’s the Word(link)

Dear Readers

A fellow blogger has written a very good post on India’s Mars Mission and commented on my previous post. Here I am giving a brief introduction of the post and a link to the post.Please read in the continuation of my previous post.

India has done something no other space-faring nation could achieve. India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, known as MOM entered orbit around Mars on September 23rd . The milestone achieved – successful on the first try. Russia, the United States, the European Space Agency and Japan could not do the same.

Interestingly,MOM joins MAVEN, the NASA orbiter that arrived just two days prior. The contrasts between these two missions is striking.

MOM cost between $74 and 78 million, about one-ninth the cost of MAVEN. MOM’s work is in many ways  more interesting if you are talking about signs of microbial life on Mars. MOM will study methane in the Martian atmosphere. Whiffs of methane have been detected by other Martian orbiters. So is methane on Mars a geological or biological phenomenon? MOM may help answer the important question. The rest of the instruments on MOM are designed to study Martian weather and map the mineral composition of the planet’s surface.

MAVEN doesn’t have is a camera. MOM does have a camera and will take colour pictures of the planet surface. India released the first image taken yesterday.

read the post here

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