Democratising the Mapping Process: WIKIMAPS is Building An Open Collection of Historical Maps (link)

Perhaps the biggest challenge of today regarding geographic information is to process and organize a massive amount of data from various sources, dates and especially, formats. Big data is about processing a huge and diversified volume of information, with high velocity and high relevance – which is what Google pretty much succeeded to do so far with the internet.

How about geographical information?

If maps, data points, places, layers of thematic information all the villages, cities could be handled and stored by you  and me,how good it will be. You think it is an utopia?


A future project of  wikimap will deliver this wonderful dream.


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Making of An Urban Village in Aligarh


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That Amorphous Thing Called Friendship

Originally posted on Nouveau Southern Belle:

All of my lifeFriends I have felt like an anomaly in the universe. As I have grown older, I recognize it for what it is… a gift. This gift consists of a greater perceptiveness than most, a more trusting nature, and an acceptance of people for whom they are. That being said, I am not so gullible as to be taken for someone who has fallen off a turnip truck.

Everyone in my ever changing circle is of interest to me. I like to learn about their back story; however, some back stories are murkier than others.  Perhaps it is because of all of this and my quirky sense of humor that I have attracted an eclectic yet loyal group of friends over the years ranging from saint to con artist.

Friendship is such an amorphous thing. No single friendship is alike and yet the terms of friendship are understood…

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Over 85 million square kilometres of fresh basemap imagery from Airbus Defense and Space has been opened-up for ArcGIS users (link)

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