8:45 AM, Aligarh:Fog or Pollution?

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The Amazon-Race: Are we Edgy, Real, and Urban Enough for Jeff Bezos?


At the time of this writing, 238 cities have submitted official bids to Amazon in order to be considered for Amazon’s second headquarters, supplementing their base in Seattle.

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There is a long and ongoing debate within economic geography (and related fields) about the costs and benefits of such competitions for major corporate expansions and relocations. Literature can be found that is supportive of intra-urban competition, tax incentives, and boasts of the intangible economic multipliers and dividends that these companies can bring (sometimes academic, but often led by think-tanks and consultancies). More critical literature (from geographers such as David Harvey, and many others who have critiqued the neoliberal urban economy) questions whether awarding companies such as Amazon tax and other incentives really pays off, especially in addressing structural problems and societal injustices. To be fair, a nuanced exploration can find examples where incentives might be judged to have succeeded, and others…

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Urbanization and Rise of slums: An Imbalance Between Urban Growth and Urban Development

Green Habitat Initiative

The prevalence of slums and shanties, a.k.a. ghettoes is a consequence of development where urban growth does not match urban development. It is a classical case of non-enforcement of regulations guiding urban development. In many urban cities in Nigeria, people of similar social classes are found living in the same neighborhood.

The rich and powerful are found in the expensive city centers, with the best social amenities, good road networks with drainages and streetlights for their exotic cars, posh buildings, round-the-clock power and water supply, security and large commercial complexes. Next to these are the well-to-do with decent amenities and social structures; while farther away in the slums and suburbs are those at the bottom of the pyramid where everything is poor and poverty defines everything the senses see, feel, taste, smell and touch.

Design, review, regulation, and enforcement of strict adherence to master plans rest on the shoulders of…

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List of 200 Universities Launched 600 free Online Courses (MOOCs)

Universities around the world are offering their courses online for free (or at least partially free). These courses are collectively called MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.

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