St. Thomas Church, Valiya Valley, Kerala

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Dawn at Bharatapuzza River

Image courtesy Gyanendra

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Welcome to Kerala: Kochi Airport

Image courtesy: my student Rajab Ali

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Book Recommendations

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

I love getting book recommendations, and I find some of my favorite books through them. (Right now this list has me excited).

So here are two book recommendations from the kids and me. The kids read a lot. I read far less than them. We don’t have much of an overlap in what we read. But these two books, we’ve all loved.

How To by Randall Monroe. This is Nish reading at breakfast. He wakes up early and doesn’t go to school until 8am, so breakfast is more reading than eating for him. We’ve loved all of Randall Munroe’s books (What If is still a favorite) and this one has gotten a lot of laughs this year.

The other book is Factfulness by Hans Rosling . This one came off Obama and Gates‘ recommended reading lists from 2018. This is Kavya reading after school with a snack…

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