India-Iran-Russia North-South Trade Corridor : An Alternative To Suez Canal

During the weekend when Iran signed a 25 years infrastructure and investment agreement with China, Iran’s ambassador declared that the new North-South Trade Corridor across the region could become a prime ‘alternative’ to the strategic Suez Canal waterway. Suez Canal was recently in news as one of the biggest cargo ships ‘Ever Given’ had got…

India-Iran-Russia North-South Trade Corridor An Alternative To Suez Canal — GreatGameIndia
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Centrality and Hierarchy in Cities

Centrality is a vital concept in Urban Systems. cities are central places providing services and functions .There are many types of Centrality.

Important types of centrality are:

The Centrality of


Flow of Goods

Pattern of Flow of goods is vital in deciding the centrality node location.

Nodes and

The arrangement of nodes in city is a vital determinant to decide and define central and hierarchical position of hubs of a particular service.


Transport network often decides the position of central hub of services.

Centrality is not only about distances, the location. It is about



Feasibility and

Viability of the place


Centrality often decides Hierarchy of urban systems. They can be described as being part of the urban hierarchy. Where they stand on the hierarchy depends on many factors, the main ones being population, the number of services a settlement has and its sphere of influence.

The most obvious way of deciding where a settlement ranks on the urban hierarchy is by using the population of that settlement. The larger the population, the higher the settlement is placed on the hierarchy.

Services and Functions

Services are things such as retailers(shops), professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc), entertainment, government functions, and leisure. The theory goes that the larger a settlement is, and therefore the higher it is on the urban hierarchy, the more services and functions it will have.


Basic and Non Basic Functions of City

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Kaleidoscope of colors

Vishal Bheeroo

Smeared with colours,

tracing lines,

unblemished love,

happiness is undiluted,

painting seamless aura, bonding and identity,

beyond race, caste or gender,

wiping prejudices,

celebrating love and beauty,


sprinkling miracle,

making every moment count,

colours are protest,

against discrimination,

anti prejudice weapon,

swarming into the sea of happiness,

we call it Holi,

where good triumph above everything,

gentle touch of humanity,

warding off anger,

bringing hearts closer,

cementing friendship.

pained heart,

abated celebration,

stripped of colors,

vanquishing dreaded foe,


tiny virus,

carry colours inside our hearts,

not on each other’s faces,

chain of tapestry shall destroy the devil.



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German School of Thought

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