A Leader

Be a leader who is guiding and empowering, instead of criticizing and belittling! A leader who leads with compassion, conviction and integrity. A …

A Leader Who
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Celebrating Biodiversity — Echoes in the Mist

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY – June 5, 2020 VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: CELEBRATE BIODIVERSITY Gujarat National Law College, Gandhigram, Gujarat CELEBRATING BIODIVERSITY by Nanditha Krishna In 2002, the Indian Parliament enacted the Biological Diversity Act followed by the National Biodiversity Rules in 2004. The main objectives of the Act were the conservation of biological diversity, […]

Celebrating Biodiversity — Echoes in the Mist
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Pictorial St. Louis — The Map Room

Richard J. Compton and Camille N. Dry, Pictorial St. Louis (1876), plate 2. Library of Congress.On the Library of Congress’s map blog, World’s Revealed, Julie Stoner takes a look at a rather unusual example of a bird’s-eye (or panoramic) city map. “The Geography and Map Division has over 1,700 of these beautiful panoramic maps in…

Pictorial St. Louis — The Map Room
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London’s Rural Urban Fringe

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