Changes in Yellowstone Climate

Exposing the Big Game

Distant snow-covered mountains and an ice-covered lake with large cracks
Scientists with the National Park Service and other organizations closely monitor variables that may reflect a changing climate. In Yellowstone, these include whitebark pine, snowpack, the greening of plants, and wildlife.

NPS / Jim Peaco

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a complex region, encompassing approximately 58,000 square miles and 14 mountain ranges. Weather varies greatly across steep elevational changes, bringing snowfall to some areas, and warm, dry conditions to others. This dynamic system has provoked the curiosity of researchers for a long time.

Across Space and Time

Space and time are critical to the evaluation of real-world data, and every study defines their parameters differently. This can make it difficult to get a sense of what is actually occurring. Climate summaries over longer periods of time and across larger areas tend to mask local extremes. Conversely, a continuously changing set of short-term reference averages (weather “normals”) could unintentionally obscure…

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Potted The Neelkamal :-)


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ISRO to Launch India’s Eye In The Sky, Cartosat 2, With 31 Satellites

It will orbit the earth from 500 km above, and will be capable of counting the number of army tanks parked in hostile territories, scientists say.

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Nepali food


In a street, a man is cooking "jalebi". Nepal. "Jalebi" is a very popular sweet in South Asia. In a street, a man is cooking “jalebi”. Nepal. “Jalebi” is a very popular sweet in South Asia.

Nepal lies at the intersection of two great culinary traditions, Indian and Chinese. The simple cooking of the hills – Nepal’s heartland – is essentially a regional variation of north Indian food, comprising rice, lentils, curried vegetables, meats and chutneys. In the Kathmandu valley, the indigenous Newar have their own cuisine of spicy meat and vegetable dishes while in the mountains the diet is essentially Tibetan, consisting of soups, pastas, potatoes and breads.
For many Nepalis,”Daal bhat tarkaari” ( lentil soup, white rice and curried vegetables) isn’t just the most popular meal, it’s the only meal they ever eat, twice a day, every day of their lives. Indeed, in much of hill Nepal, “bhaat” is a synonym for food. A plate of “daal bhat” is often supplemented with “achhaar” (chutney) and more…

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