Social Tourism is Redefining the Relationship Between Hosts and Tourists

Social tourism is a growing trend that prioritizes building positive relationships between visitors and host communities and developing “programs, events, and activities that allow all population groups to enjoy tourism”.  It is redefining he relationship between hosts and tourists.

There is always a relationship between culture and tourism and it plays an important role in Social Tourism.

Social tourism is a broad concept that encompasses a wide range events and activities. Different holiday types, such as working holidays, for instance, can fall under the category of social tourism. Activities one engages in at the destination, the type of destination you choose, and even the type of accommodation you book or some unique client group a tourism organization works with could all be labeled as social tourism. 

According to ISTO, benefits of Social Tourism Includes:

The ISTO presents the benefits of social tourism within four main axes:

  • Social tourism is “a shaper of society” 
  • Social tourism is a promoter of economic growth:
  • Social tourism participates to the regional and local development
  • Social tourism is a partner in global development 

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