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Social Cost of Climate Change

Expert Consensus on the Economics of Climate Change (41 page pdf, Peter Howard and Derek Sylvan, Institute for Policy Integrity, New York University School of Law, Dec. 2015) Today we review a survey of 365 leading economists from around the … Continue reading

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बारिश किस चिड़िया का नाम?:जल-संकट-2 (साबलखेड़-योगिता के गांव)

Originally posted on Hillele:
हम सबको बारिश बहुत अच्छी लगती है न! सिनेमा के परदे पर जब नायक बारिश में भीगता हुआ नायिका के सामने प्रेम-प्रस्ताव रखता है, हम उसमें अपने-आप को ढूंढने लगते हैं. अगर आप उत्तर भारतीय हैं…

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According to Experts,Uttarakhand Forest Fires Could Melt Glaciers Faster

According to experts,raging forest fires in Uttarakhand in India could have a devastating effect on the state’s glaciers which are the lifeline of the major rivers flowing through India’s northern plains. According to experts at Nainital’s Aryabhatta Research Institute for … Continue reading

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India’s Future in Agriculture

It is said that India is an agricultural country.Though origin of agriculture is credited to South West Asia, India is one of the pioneers. It is often said that young people are shying away from agriculture.That is not always the … Continue reading

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