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Changing Urban scenario in the Nineteenth Century in Ottoman Urban Space

In nineteenth-century, urban space in the Balkans underwent a drastic change. The urban population constantly expanded, with Christians especially increasing in number. Owing to energetic activity on the part of non-Muslim merchants and artisans, the urban economy as a whole … Continue reading

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Impact of Urbanisation on Water Quality

There’s no end to the effects that urbanization can have on water bodies. Millions of people; landscape manipulation; waste material; dumping of chemicals and fertilizers; withdrawing water for peoples’ uses. As you expect, urbanization rarely improves water quality, but to … Continue reading

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This City Bench Absorbs More Air Pollution Than A Forest

London is the latest city to gain a city bench with the ability to absorb as much pollution as a small forest. The vertical garden, which doubles as a bench, is Green City Solutions’ CityTree. Using a vertical installation of moss, … Continue reading

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Accessibility and Inclusion in Cities

  The same urban scenario may represent two very different things depending on who is walking through it. A passerby without mobility problems will hardly notice the obstacles: he will go up and down stairs, save curbs and surround obstructions … Continue reading

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