An Aerotropolis is a metropolitan subregion whose infrastructure, land use, and economy are centered on an airport.It fuses the terms “aero-” (aviation) and “metropolis”. Like the traditional metropolis made up of a central city core and its outlying commuter-linked suburbs, the aerotropolis consists of

1) the airport’s aeronautical, logistics, and commercial infrastructure forming a multimodal, multifunctional airport city at its core and

2) outlying corridors and clusters of businesses and associated residential developments that feed off each other and their accessibility to the airport. 

The word aerotropolis was first used by New York commercial artist Nicholas DeSantis, whose drawing of a skyscraper rooftop airport in the city was presented in the November 1939 issue of Popular Science.The term was repurposed by air commerce researcher John D. Kasarda in 2000 based on his prior research on airport-driven economic development.

Its a vital component in new world urban order which is taking shape fast which is in continuation of rise and fall of towns and land use around the city is in confirmation to this.

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