Desert ecology, floral survival, and camel grazing – Impacts and the future hopes


This blog is about a bush in the desert (Zygophyllum qatarense) which gives us a hope to sustain life in the desert.

3 Actors and the Desert sustaintion

While exploring & understanding the arid regions, you will notice that 3 actors are very important and are strongly correlated to each other, i.e. the prevailing flora, the possible grazer (grazing animals), and the sustainability (desert’s functional ecosystem). The pressure of grazing, annual rainfall, the existence of the fittest flora, and the soil texture have very direct and visible impacts on the biomass of the ecosystem which later drives sustainability.

Some flora are more resilient than the others

Being a desert explorer, I have always noticed that some flora are more resilient and stronger than others. They are more adapted and better cope with the prevailing threats and have learned how to survive and sustain and the Zygophyllum qatarense is one of…

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