The City That Took on Mass Tourism and Won

for the love of nike

Y’all, I have good news.

Italy banned cruise ships’ entry into Venice starting August 1st. The once-upon-a-time-city-state’s lagoon has been declared a national monument.

2020 reminded citizens and ecologists alike how healthy the waters were without the larger than life vessels. So a few weeks ago, when the first cruise ships since COVID-19 barreled their way through the Adriatic, locals took to the waters to let them know big boats weren’t welcome. Tiny watercraft swarmed their giant adversary, oblivious passengers gathered at heights above to see how unwelcome their method and means of transportation were in their next destination.

The protests worked–the government listened and banned everything over 25,000 tons or taller than 180 meters.

What a beautiful moment when a country put the needs of locals and the environment at the forefront.

Now for a few photos I took several years back to appreciate the architectural and cultural…

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