Revenge Tourism is Rising In India

Travel is an innate desire of Human Kind. We are a voyager tribe. From vikings to nomads and to modern Homo Sapiens, we carry wanderlust and Sunlust in our genes.

To fulfil their sense of wanderlust without getting into the crowd, travellers are now preferring to visit less-explored destinations

As lockdowns is being lifted in different parts of the country, visuals of people holidaying with a vengeance lead to many things: anxiety in lawmakers and the medical fraternity, relief for the battered tourism sector, and the coinage of a new term — ‘revenge tourism’.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

With thousands of tourists crowding Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in order to escape from the monotonous life that the second wave of the coronavirus lockdown brought forth, the Union Health Ministry has warned against a particular phenomenon called “revenge travel”. More than five lakh tourists headed to Himachal Pradesh after the Covid norms were relaxed while experts constantly reiterated that the second wave of Covid-19 is not over.


According to Hindu, The tourism circuit is witnessing huge footfalls in the Karnataka’s most famous travel hubs. In fact, most stakeholders agree that the response post the second wave lockdown is far higher than what was seen after the first wave restrictions were lifted.

M. Ravi, vice-president of Karnataka Tourism Forum, said tourist accommodations in popular destinations in the State, especially resorts, were booked to capacity till the long weekend of August. “Many properties are sold out. Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur and Kodagu are seeing good turnouts. This certainly fits the term revenge tourism,” he said.

While the resurrection of business is being welcomed by the sector, they are joining the chorus of sounding an alarm, calling for a more regulated approach.

Off the Grid

Tired of being home-bound for months, people are now travelling to offbeat, not-so-crowded, destinations.

Off-the-grid destinations and beautiful locations that don’t conform to the ideals of a travel guidebook, are emerging as the new favourite of many travellers. The phenomenon of revenge travel, which refers to the desire of going on a vacation after an extended period of lockdown, has lead to most well-known touristy sites being crammed with visitors. Hence, for those looking to quench their wanderlust in a safe and responsible manner, the options are little different from conventional choices.

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