Changes in Agriculture Extension and implications on farmers

Agriculture Information Bank

Rural expansion programs have changed altogether in the course of recent many years. What has changed and why? Have these progressions influenced appropriation of developments by ranchers? Imagine a scenario where anything should strategy creators and expansion organizations do another way, especially in agricultural nations. Underlying changes in horticulture, new sorts of farming advances, tight open spending plans, endeavors to decentralize government, and arising data and correspondence innovations (ICT) have prompted pluralistic and, now and again, lowercost expansion and warning administrations that consolidate public and private systems for financing and carrying out augmentation exercises. Rancher gatherings and virtual organizations assume a filling part in innovation dissemination, and expansion administrations can abuse these organizations utilizing the most recent ICT approaches.

 Author: Faisal Abbas,

Proposed by: DR. Muhammad Yassin,

Department of Agriculture Extension,

Colleges of Agriculture University of Sargodha, Pakistan.


Horticultural expansion implies giving ranchers information about the…

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