Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! Antarctica is melting… Oops… Ohhhh…

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Oops. Ohhhhh… These so-called ‘scientists’ must have forgotten. Turns out that volcanoes are melting the ice from below, not humans.

“Evidence of Antarctic glacier’s tipping point confirmed,” shouts the headline on ScienceDaily.com.

“Pine Island Glacier is a region of fast-flowing ice draining an area of West Antarctica approximately two thirds the size of the UK,” the article explains. “The glacier is a particular cause for concern as it is losing more ice than any other glacier in Antarctica.”

“Currently, Pine Island Glacier together with its neighbouring Thwaites glacier are responsible for about 10% of the ongoing increase in global sea level.”

Using a state-of-the-art ice flow model developed by Northumbria University’s glaciology research group, the researchers found “that Pine Island glacier has at least three distinct tipping points. The third and final event, triggered by ocean temperatures increasing by 1.2C, leads to a rapid and irreversible retreat of the entire…

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