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Behavioural Approach in Geography

Dissatisfaction with the models and theories developed by the positivists, using the statistical techniques which were based on the ‘economic rationality’ of man led to the development of the behavioural approach in geography. It goes out of the idea that … Continue reading

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A Historical Perspective on Drought (USA)

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Early 21st century U.S. drought ranks as one of the most severe in 120 years AUGUST 22, 2019 Courtesy of US Drought Monitor At the beginning of the 21st century, several regional droughts were plaguing parts…

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Nature and Scope of Urban Geography: An Overview

Urban Geography is the study and analysis of urban systems with reference to their geographical environment. Broadly speaking, the subject matter includes the origin of towns, their growth and devel­opment, their functions in and around their surroundings. What is  an … Continue reading

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America’s Interventionist Middle East Policy Started 66 Years Ago – Original

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The collapse of our towers on September 11th was one large entry in a long running history of western interference in the lands of Islam, and if any more oil tankers get attacked in the Strait…

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