Concept of Socio Cultural Regions

If you have heard of places like,Vidharba, Telangana, Bhojpur, Mithila or Awadh, you know about SCR’s . The well you know a SCR it is easier to understand the people, agriculture, traditions Seasons, and buying selling periods. You can also plot them to your needs, say cooking medium: some SCR’s are mustard oil users and some may be groundnut oil users. You can also map hard and soft water. A social planner will have several maps. Maps by food and crop, map by religion, map by monsoon …more the merrier.

Socio cultural regions helps you understand the soul of the place. Often references like “paan belt” or “cow belt” may not sound politically right but they carry a lot of weight. Why Eastern UP is similar to north Bihar? When merging Bhojpur enters Chapra – Siwaan in Bihar and finally converges into Mithila the similarities are bound to happen. Mithila enters into Dwaar- Bang it converges into Bengal. Similarities in language ,food, dress , make up and structures of house are seen.




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