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Happy Republic Day : The Day of Reckoning

Republic Day is the day of Reckoning. This day we have given us a path to tread on. Now the time is again to decide whether we want to be a Nation of Proactive, Democratic people or want to be … Continue reading

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Indian Society:An Overview

India offers astounding variety in virtually every aspect of social life. Diversities of ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class, and caste groups crosscut Indian society, which is also permeated with immense urban-rural differences and gender distinctions. Differences between north India … Continue reading

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The poor bore the costs of achieving demonetisation’s purported objectives: Was it worth it?

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It has been a war of words since the release of the Reserve Bank of India’s annual report 2017-18, which stated that 99.3% of the demonetised currency was returned. While critics of the government’s note ban…

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PATAAL BHUBHANESHWAR: Mythology or Karst Topography?

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It was a 456km journey from Delhi to Pataal Bhubaneshwar passing through flat wide roads to hilly narrow curvy roads. The journey became more thrilling with rain and decreasing temperature. Overcoming all the dangers we reached…

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