PATAAL BHUBHANESHWAR: Mythology or Karst Topography?


It was a 456km journey from Delhi to Pataal Bhubaneshwar passing through flat wide roads to hilly narrow curvy roads. The journey became more thrilling with rain and decreasing temperature. Overcoming all the dangers we reached a point where the road ended. We had reached our destination. There were only few houses and some small shops. We walked for about half a km to reach the Pataal Bhubhaneshwar temple. The entry gate was less than 3 feet but in contrast the cave was 160km long and 90 feet deep which was unbelievable. It was all dark, except few lights arranged by the temple authority. According to Indian mythology, it is believed that the cave is a representation of SheshNaag who has been holding the whole earth and is the abode of 33 crore gods and goddess. It has figures representing Lord Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and many other Gods. The texture…

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