Christians in South India


All saints’ day in a christian cemetery. India

The christians represent 2 % of the indian population ( i.e. the third religious community after the hindus and the muslims).  They belong to different churches : catholic, protestant, evangelical and orthodox, each of them being divided in various denominations. 60 % of the christians live in the south, under a line linking Goa to Chennaï ( formerly Madras). By travelling in the south Indian countryside, it’s not rare to see a church tower, looking like an european one, announcing the approach to a village. In the southern state of Kerala, where Saint Thomas arrived in 52 AD to evangelize, the christians ( 20 % of the inhabitants of this state, most of them observing the syriac catholic rite) like to say that their community is as old as the one founded by the apostle Peter in the West. Because of the commercial links between the Middle-East…

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