7 Quick Tips for Mistake-Free Writing

Guest Post by Sunny Agarawal

Have you ever read a blog & thought that “the Blogger has great ideas but the grammatical errors are driving me crazy”?


Writing any type of content is extremely important in today’s society as it is the frame work of our communication. It is a skill that requires innovative ideas and great command over grammar. If you have both at the same time, no one can deny that you are a good writer. But the grammatical glitches within the content make your writing harder to read, makes it tough to convey your ideas in an understandable ways and subsequently turn readers off. We know that content is the king, but you’ll gain a lot more respect and credibility if your writing is just as brilliant as the ideas you convey.

Here are some 7 quick tips on how to present your content in the best possible way:

  • Always Organize your ideas before you pen them down

Being clear about your thought process helps you to set the flow of content and the chances of making mistakes gets diminish. Your readers find easy to comprehend & they are more likely to share your content.

  • Analyze your weak points that lead toward making mistakes.

Make it a point to always analyze the loopholes of the content, the things you might lack while designing the flow of your content. If you pick your weak points and do a bit more homework to understand how to overcome them, it can help you a great deal to mastering sophisticated writing.

  • Repetition of Keywords – clearly this should never happen

It should always be kept in mind that one should never use same keywords in the same content repetitively as it does not leave a good impression on your readers.

  • Always go for simple & concise sentence making

Simple sentences keep you and your reader from getting confused. It reduces the complexity or sophistication of the content. So try to go for crisp & concise wherever complexity is not required.

  • Inculcate the habit of Proofreading after writing

Have a habit of proofreading after writing as it does not only make you able to detect the mistakes, but also increase your knowledge regarding grammar.

  • Best use of Online Grammar/Plagiarism Checker Tool

One must always take the help of online grammar check tools such as GrammarlyCheck since they remove various types of mistakes from your text. Generally, people make mistakes while formatting & other spelling-related errors, etc. These tools have been designed in a way to detect these kinds of mistakes within no time. These mistakes are minor, but sometimes they change the meaning of the whole sentence.


  • Final Thoughts on Error-free writing

Error-Free content is not only about noun, verb, pronoun, active-passive related mistakes, but much more than that. To correct these types of mistakes, reading will offer you excellent examples of how to construct sentences. Sentence construction is something that requires time and effort to learn. You need to pay attention to how strong writers arrange different types of clauses in the form of one sentence.

  • Sunny Agarwal is a Creative Consultant for GrammarlyCheck & also a great
    software engineer. He considers writing as an art, with enormous innovative
    ideas just like developing a software. He reads a lot & always make sure that
    the things he gets to learns from those books are inculcated in life.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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