May We Take A Pledge to Uphold Individual Freedom on This Independence Day: Happy Independence Day India


Its been 70 years since we are living in an vibrant Independent nation. Perhaps it is high time to uphold individual freedom and take a pledge to do all to keep it s flag high.

Though I hate to repeat myself but perhaps it is need of the hour. I am  taking words from an older post of mine here.

“Salawatein zaroori nahee hein. Light a candle; stop cursing the darkness. Don’t IGNORE the darkness. Understand the darkness, know its causes; work to fix them. But don’t waste precious, precious bandwidth just chanting against it.

Salawatein zaroori nahee hein.

Let all of us light a candle and pray for the right path and peace to the mankind.”

Here is an admirable spirit of Independence Day. Someone shared it on whatsapp.WhatsApp Image 2017-08-15 at 12.13.35 PM

And some second thoughts:

Here is some views from Sabahat

Independence Day? Yes, let us mark the Day(s); let us commemorate and even celebrate. But in countries with over 50% child abuse rates, poverty, and a thirst for something better, something more than survival–and in a region that damn near invented meditation, maraqba, dhyana yoga, zen, instead of a “Happy Independence Day”, could I call for an Meditative Independence Day? One full of thought, and introspection…and, above, all, meditating, contemplating the meaning of the word “Independence”? I am not going to challenge that the middle of August 1947 brought independence. But how can we be MORE independent? Free from outside exploitation. And from internal exploitation. Free from fear. Free from want. Free to want what we want. Free to know. Free, above all, to think and to see.

No analysis  is considered complete without conflicting voices 🙂

See this video also


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