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Age of Town Scheme of Griffith Taylor and an Asian Perspective from Chanakya’s Arthashastra

Age of Towns Scheme Australian geographer Thomas Griffith Taylor proposed a classification of towns based on their age and pattern of land use. He identified five types of town: Infantile towns, with no clear zoning Juvenile towns, which have developed … Continue reading

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Process of Urbanization and Factors of Temporal Urban Growth

World as well as India  is urbanizing at a rapid pace. Though the current level of urbanization in India is lowest compared to the other developing countries. The absolute size of urban population is enormous. By the turn of the … Continue reading

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Massive Scale of Discovery In Remaining Forests Inspires, Raising The Stakes For Conservation

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From a cartwheeling spider to a fish that hops on its fins and a katydid species that uses drumming to communicate, scientists are finding about 18,000 new species each year. Conniff reveals that so far, humans…

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Relationship Between Culture and Tourism is Increasing

 Tourism and culture were viewed as largely separate aspects  earlier. Cultural resources were seen as part of the cultural heritage of destinations, related to the education of the local population and the underpinning of local or national cultural identities. Tourism, … Continue reading

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