Local Cultures Add to the Sustainability of the City

In recent World Cities Summit 2010 held between 28 June and 1 July, when participants from various part of the world simultaneously voted urban green spaces as the most important element for a liveable city.Also,Local culture such as gardening and bird feedings are indirectly help in conserving the nature of the city as well. London is a testimony to this fact.As one of the busiest cities in the world, as well as hosting more than 7 million residents with a population density of 2,724/km2, the city is  still maintaining its nature very well.  Apart from the environmental friendly policies, its organised town planning with sufficient areas for neighbourhood nature such as parks and woodlands, serve not just as recreational spots for the locals but also a habitat for the wildlife in the metropolitan,an Urban Biodiversity in truly modern cities. The future city design mus be in the fashion that they function like an ecosystem.

Nature conservation comprises not only a response to the perceived impacts of rationalization on nature but is itself a dimension of that process of rationalization. Ecology underpinned the establishment of government conservation institutions, provided intellectual strategies for classifying and objectifying nature, and provided the knowledge base for the control and management of nature.

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