Beware. Vardah is Coming

vardah-imdCyclone Vardah is  headed towards Chennai and the weather department has issued warning for a very heavy rainfall alert in three districts, Chennai, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur for the next two days.

Cyclones are huge revolving storms caused by winds blowing around a central area of low atmospheric pressure. In the northern hemisphere, cyclones are called hurricanes or typhoons and their winds blow in an anti-clockwise circle. In the southern hemisphere, these tropical storms are known as cyclones, whose winds blow in a clockwise circle.

Anticyclones are areas of high pressure that exhibit nearly circular isobars. If isobars are oblong or elongate with the highest pressure near the center we call them ridges. For high pressure areas, air descends toward the surface due to convergence aloft. As the air nears  the surface it is forced outward (divergence) from the center. The Coriolis effect bends the air to the right of its path creating a clockwise rotation around the high.

It is named Vardha according to a system of naming.

Vardah is the Arabic and Urdu word for ‘rose’, a name provided by Pakistan from list for cyclones in the Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal.In September 2004, an international panel on tropical cyclones decided that countries from the region would each put in names, which would be assigned to storms in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

Eight countries — India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand – participated and came up with a list of 64 names.

In the event of a storm, the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre, New Delhi, selects a name from the list.

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