The Globe of Globe-Makers(link)

In the golden days childhood Globes have taught many of us a great deal about the world around us. By putting the planet in our hands, they deliver an enigmatic message: that the world is at once very large and very small, and much of it is blue. It’s one of the things that fascinate Peter Bellerby, from Bellerby & Co., a company in London that crafts artisanal globes by hand.


One of the most precarious steps in globe-making is pasting the paper map without muddling the latitude lines. Photo: Jade Fenster

This quirky Wes Anderson-style video takes us into his workshop, introducing viewers to the fascinating (and painstaking) process of creating a perfect globe. click here to watch.

read here in detail

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  1. lenrosen4 says:

    It was a globe of the world that stood in my bedroom that first got me interested in geography and oceanography. It fueled my stamp collecting hobby and made me learn about the countries I could see when I twirled it. It also made me realize just how interconnected we all were.


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