10 steps to make your Ph.D. experience easier

Guest Post by Andrea Witmer

What is PhD and why is it important? The full name of this academic level is Philosophy Doctor, which is not necessarily connected with philosophy as a subject because this name is just a historical remark, and today this degree can be awarded in almost all fields of science. Earning a PhD is a difficult task because in the majority of countries it’s considered as the highest academic level; we will tell you how to ease your path to PhD and successfully graduate.

Step 1 Choose good scientific mentor

A good scientific advisor will help and support you on your way to PhD degree. Every student has to remember that their mentor is their helper and friend in this matter, so if you’ll establish friendly relations with your advisor, he can give you helpful tips that will lead you to success.

Step 2 Find a topic for dissertation that will be interesting for you

Find something that you like because if you find your topic interesting, this assignment won’t seem that difficult or boring, and it will allow you to get better results.

Step 3 Conduct research gradually

Time management is essential. Try to start your research in advance, schedule your time wisely, and start work on your thesis step by step, gradually moving from one chapter to another. Make research, study information that you found, sort out data that can be useful for your paper and never allow yourself to defer important work until tomorrow.

Step 4 Before you start writing, find a professional consultant

It can be your scientific advisor, but if due to some reasons you feel like he’s not helping you enough, turn to some companies that can provide you with consulting service and support you through the whole process of earning PhD. Such consultant you can find either at specialized consulting company that is engaged with education or at some custom academic paper writing website.

Step 5 Soberly assess your abilities

Writing dissertation is different from writing school essay. This work is much more complex and deep, and if you see that for some reason you can’t write it, then maybe it will be a good decision to buy dissertation from professional writer.

Step 6 While writing your thesis listen to advices of professionals

On all stages of writing your scientific work it’s necessary to ask for advice and discuss details of work with your mentor, it will save you some time because this way you will eliminate a possibility of doing something wrong, and it never hurts to hear some useful tips from experienced person.

Step 7 Proofreading and editing is a must

It’s critical to read the work once again before handing it to professor. You will find some mistakes that must be fixed, and to be confident that you didn’t miss anything important, ask professionals to review and adjust your paper.

Step 8 Get ready to defend your thesis

No matter if you wrote the work on your own or asked someone for help, you must be ready to answer any question regarding the topic of your paper.

Step 9 Defense of the thesis

If you properly prepared yourself to this step, it won’t be a difficulty, but don’t forget that oral defense of the work is a deciding factor.

Step 10 Earn PhD

After successful defense you can be congratulated with successful obtaining desired PhD degree, and don’t forget to thank experts who had advised and supported you.

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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