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Contested Cities conference in Madrid 4-7 July 2016

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reposted from Georgia Alexandri via URB-GEOG-FORUM: Please see below the links for the International Contested_Cities Conference to be held in Madrid, 4th-7th July 2016 (both in English and in Spanish). The CONTESTED_CITIES conference will be a…

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Giant Jalebis

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Scales in Geography: An Overview and Simple Method of Constructing Scales

The word scale is generally used for an instrument used for drawing straight lines. But actually in Geographer’s language scale means the proportion or ratio between the dimensions adopted for the map and the corresponding dimensions on the ground. It … Continue reading

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Nepali Carriers.

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On the streets of Kathmandu, I saw a lot of people carrying a very heavy loads. Nepali work very hard, their life is difficult and challenging. Still, I found so many colorful and interesting moments there.

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