Climate, disease, and Human Population Control

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The Future of Population Control?

Population -- People massWe humans will eventually solve our population problem–not voluntarily–but by our own actions.  Here are some of the human-caused factors responsible for reduced births and longevity:

  • Insect vectors for human diseases are moving to new places as climate changes.
  • Disease organisms are developing immunity to antibiotics.
  • Heatwaves and lethal storms are increasing.
  • Radioactive isotopes and other toxic materials are spreading through Earth environments.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem stability are declining.

In the post below, Scribbler reviews some of the diseases related to climate change.

Zika and the New Climate Dystopia — Human Hothouse as Disease Multiplier

“As of today, authorities in Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, El Salvador and Venezuela were urging women to avoid getting pregnant… It is unthinkable. Or rather, it is something out of a science fiction story, the absolute core of a dystopian future.” — Bill McKibbenin a recent statement on global warming…

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