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Our Future Cities Must be Designed to Perform like Ecosystems

Cities are no longer closed loop systems, they are now linear and open ended. Since they are constantly expanding, if no full circles are achieved, it means the waste produced in the end would accumulate – and there are several … Continue reading

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Dense Fog at Our Institution

This is fog season in India.There was very dense fog in Bulandshahr this morning. In our institution visibility was almost zero upto 11 AM. Still classes were going on. 🙂 .Kudos to students and teachers. Though Bulandshahr is mostly sunny … Continue reading

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India’s Technical Leap and ISRO’s Commercial Success

In a landmark of commercial success ,ISRO on 16th December 2015, launched six Singaporean satellites. This was the first time when no Indian satellite was not on board. The launch was done with  Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’s core alone (PSLV-CA) variant. … Continue reading

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What is the world’s most vulnerable city?

Originally posted on Planning New Towns:
Many cities are fighting a losing battle against the ravages of nature, but is it possible to identify the world’s most vulnerable metropolis? Natural events are notoriously hard to predict – but the prospects…

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