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Early Roads : History of Transport

In early times roads were used for transporting people and goods. People walked or used animals. Roads were tracks or traces that often used or paralleled game trails. Roads also were and are careers of ideas. One example that still … Continue reading

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India’s ‘right to pee’ movement

When India is busy debating what should be eaten by home, and new definitions of patriotisms are being sculptured, we must note that safe sanitation is a huge issue in India, especially for women. Nearly half the population goes to … Continue reading

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Reframing civil society through the everyday: from farms to toilets

By Amita Bhakta, Loughborough University The evolving role of civil society in the development agenda is a critical point of discussion, as Peck (2015) rightly argues in her recent article in the Geography Compass. A key aspect of what is…

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Learning from guano: In search of a paleo-seabird proxy

Via the Geo: Geography and Environment blog, Jessica Conroy (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA) on seabirds, climate change, El Niño and the Galápagos. Source: Learning from guano: In search of a paleo-seabird proxy ? Geo: Geography and Environment is a fully open access journal which…

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