Changing Map of India: The Idea

India is not only a geographical or political entity.

India is a Concept

Our map kept changing  but the concept,the all powerful idea of India stayed on.

It is a country, a region a sub-continent, a concept,an idea all rolled into one.

Battles were fought, territories were drawn and re-drawn. An upcoming historian has caught these shifts in a series of maps.

Despite formidable barriers in the form of the mighty Himalayas and oceans, India  received a succession of foreigners, many of them carrying swords and guns. But nearly all of them stayed on. Out of these waves of immigration has emerged the composite culture of India and made it a land of unity in diversity. India became a land of assimilation and learning, a land of change and continuity.

According to the one school of thoughts, the Aryans were among the first to arrive in India, which was inhabited by the Dravidians. Others who came here included Greeks, Persians, Mughals and even British, Portuguese and French. Over the years there have been many major ruling dynasties like the Shakas, the Kushans, the Maurayas and Guptas. Nearly every major religion in the world is represented in India. It is also the land of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Guru Nanak Dev, the founders of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.They all have some impact on the map of India  over the years.

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