Floating House in Kerala(house boat-Kettuvalloms) Back Waters

DSCN0963 (1)The picture was clicked by Amir and Samia.

Kerala offers  opportunity to experience  beautiful backwaters which consist of a complex network of brackish lagoons, lovely lakes and canals. The most predominant way to experience the Kerala backwaters is Kerala houseboats (also known as Kettuvalloms).One can take a leisurely journey along Kerala backwater on luxurious Kerala houseboats. Unlike Kashmir houseboats they really move. Kashmir Houseboats do not really move, they are often moored.

In the Malayalam language “kettu” means “to tie” and “vallam” means boat – the two together make the local name “kettuvallam”. Each houseboat is constructed using the ancient principles and techniques  by the local carpenters using ‘Anjili’ wood. Coir ropes are used for tightening the wooden planks together.

These boats  have traditionally been the main means of transport of men and materials in the Kerala backwaters since olden days. In particular, the house boats were used to ship rice and spices and other goods between Kuttanad and the Cochin port. It was the important mode of transportation in coastal Kerala just because of its accessibility to the most remote areas.  For the royalty these boats even became comfortable living quarters.The Practice of living  on boat is also there in other parts of world like Kashmir, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, US and Iraq


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