Iraq’ Venice where People Live in Floating Houses

Iraq is colorful. In Tigris-Euprates marshland people live in floating houses. Some tribes live here. They do fishing here. These hoses are build easily , in 2-3 days.

The population consisted of several tribes that had developed a beautiful, eco-friendly culture that centered on the marshes’ natural resources. One of the truly admirable aspects of their lifestyle was their beautifully elaborately designed huts – floating houses made entirely out of reeds that were harvested from the nearby water.

Marshlands of Iraq,which were endangered due to some government policies have a new ray of hope , Nature Iraq’ – an organisation founded by an Iraqi-American hydraulic engineer doing efforts to restore the Marsh Arabs to their homes with financial support from other countries. The organisation recently re-constructed a traditional reed mudhif, demonstrating that the ancient architectural method can still be used today.

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