Smartphone Review: THL T11 Pros and Cons

As with everything else, you get the features you pay for when it comes to purchasing smartphones. However, this is only broadly true, as customizability is still a key factor, although only to a certain extent. You may not get a gorilla glass enabled screen for a $200 budget, but you can still get to choose between a phone with decent camera and a phone with lower fuselage. It is up to what you want more among the features available. Therefore, for people who do not consider themselves an integral part of the vogue culture would often find that they do not find smartphones that features the specific combination of tastes that feature their requirements. This makes it important for one to check out the relatively more obscure brands of smartphones that, I have recently come to believe, feature seriously innovative designs and offer than at very cheap prices owing to lack of brand value. Here is a stellar example: the THL T11.

Key Features

The most eye catching feature of the THL T11 is that it is Android 4.2 with 5.0 inch HD Screen Phone
available in the market today. Most of the other phones featuring Android Jelly Bean 4.2 offer lower RAM and resolutions owing to the advanced operating system. However, the THL T11 offers you with the best innovative interface and striking hardware features that make sure your phone remains lighting fast in spite of you swamping it up with apps and files. It sports a 2GB RAM which is surprising for the price range that you get on this device. A simple Google search of the phone revealed several websites that offer THL T11 at 10% off $219.17. For that price range, the features of this phone are breath taking.

Key Pros

The phone offers a dual SIM more which is very useful for people who like to use separate modes for phone and internet connections. Also, there is the fact that given the low price and resolution of the phone, it still supports a memory card. Given the very low fuselage of the phone, most of its competitors only offer a large internal memory with no scope for expansion. This phone, on the other hand, would offer you with an excellent 32GB expandable memory that makes sure you can keep your phone useable for a long time.

Key Cons:

As regards the hardware, you only get a plastic body, which is not surprising given the price range. It would probably require a decent cover so as to keep it from functioning longer and better. However, it is not like the body cracks and squeaks when you use it. Therefore, we think that it is overall a pretty decent deal.

Also, although the phone is unlocked for international use, we are not sure of it working in every country as this has not been possible to test. It is suggested that you touch base with your network provider on this.

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