TomTom Cardio GPS Watch Review: Put Your Heart Rate In The Driver’s Seat


I like running, perhaps to a fault, if only because while running you basically can’t pay attention to anything else once you get up to speed so long as you’re doing it right. So basically I like it because it deprives the brain of oxygen. But that also means that most high-tech running aid gadgets are too sophisticated for their own good; TomTom’s newest GPS sports watch doesn’t suffer from that problem.


  • 8 hrs battery with GPS and heart rate tracking
  • 63 grams
  • Silicon strap
  • Waterproof to 5ATM
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Optical heart rate monitor from Mio
  • MSRP: $269.99
  • Product info page


  • Watch virtually disappears when you need it to
  • Accurate heart rate tracking


  • Expensive, not a multipurpose device


TomTom’s Cardio GPS smartwatch is an update to its existing line of sports and fitness watches, with a built-in optical heart rate tracker. It’s lightweight, weather resistant, durable…

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