Visionary Architecture


big_345299_1461_DO110518012_UPD1Louis Khan, City Tower, 1958

“When the imagination surpasses the limits permitted by the institution of culture, one speaks of poesie, utopia. When critical thought attains and surpasses its limit (which are much more severe than those of those of the imagination), one speaks of deviance, folly, a critical error, an overly theoretical system, a free-floating vision, etc.  When the event attains and surpasses the  limits permitted by the law, one speaks of revolution. Or of histories for daydreaming.”
– Rene Lourau

If you have read posts from this blog you will know that I love visionary architecture, not for the utopic qualities or the futuristic aesthetic but I am drawn to the thought of making the impossible possible. Visionary architecture, for the most part  has only existed on paper and more recently in CAD, the proposals were either too large in scale (megastructure), or deemed impractical (either technologically or…

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