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Emergence of sacred forest groves

Originally posted on Shonil Bhagwat:
A sacred forest grove in Kodagu, Western Ghats of India. How old are sacred forest groves? Why are sacred groves where they are? How did these sites come about? These questions have been bugging me ever…

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new principles

Originally posted on the urban geographer:
Well, not new — but updated. As I’ve begun writing for Spacing Toronto, I think it’s the perfect occasion to update and streamline my previously-known-as Urban Geographer’s Manifesto.  Though stated more simply, these Principles are inspired by…

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What are Common Era and Vulgar Era?

Common Era (also Current Era or Christian Era), abbreviated as CE, is an alternative naming of the traditional calendar era, Anno Domini (abbreviated AD). BCE is the abbreviation for Before the Common/Current/Christian Era (an alternative to Before Christ, abbreviated BC). … Continue reading

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Racist villagers versus hapless Africans and other simplistic binaries

The residents of Khirki are angry. They say they have been misrepresented, their grievances are not being given a patient hearing because the rest of us are doing politics over them. Nobody…

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