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Salute to Flag (Historical Avatars of Indian Flag)

Wake Up From Your Slumber Sleep, The Nation Needs You You Are Part Of The Citizens Of The Biggest Democracy In The World, Today Is The Day When We Received Our Constitution It Is Our Republic Day, Happy Republic Day … Continue reading

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BOOK: The Monkey’s Voyage: How Improbable Journeys Shaped the History of Life

Originally posted on The Dispersal of Darwin:
Ever since I wrote a paper as an undergrad in history about the seed experiments Darwin conducted to answer questions about how organisms spread from one place to another,  I have been fascinated…

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taming the wild island

Originally posted on the urban geographer:
This post first appeared on Spacing Toronto I took this photo of Gibraltar Point Beach on a long walk around Toronto Islands during the city’s most recent cold snap. Because parts of the Island…

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The world’s largest hydroelectric project could be a China-US joint venture

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