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Type and Form of Rural Houses in India

According to dictionary type is a number of people or things having in common traits or characteristics that distinguish them as a group or class” and form is the shape and structure of an object or the body or outward … Continue reading

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The Methane Monster Grows New Teeth: Sea Level Rise Found to Cause Slope Collapse, Tsunamis, Methane Release

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Undersea Landslide Complex (Image source: Sea-level–induced Seismicity and Submarine Landslide Occurrence.) At the end of the last ice age as the climate warmed, glaciers began to thaw, and sea level began to rise, a troubling spike…

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Richard J Williams podcast interview with Times Higher

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Follow link for 40 min. interview with Times Higher (UK) on the new book Sex and Buildings.  Much discussion of US urbanism, modernism, and LA architecture, as well as the relationship between sexual ethics and architecture.…

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Local People, Global Forests

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Indonesian rainforest. Not my image. According to Positive News, the forest dwelling indigenous people in Indonesia may soon have the legal rights to control those forests. This means they would be private property, and the…

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