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Atmospheric Rivers

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Figure 1. IR satellite image from METEOSAT at 8th January 2005. Clouds are in white and the red arrow shows the direction of the air flow in the WCB. The advent of satellite imagery opened our…

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Livestock Sector Development in China

ARKBIODIV.COM China, being the largest country with human population has developed its livestock sector efficiency manifolds in last 2 decades. China transformed its production system from a rural based subsistence system to a high in-put and intensive system.  The challenge … Continue reading

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What You CANNOT Do on Facebook

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. . Has your Facebook account ever been suspended?  Well mine is – since February, after only being there for five months:  I was offered by Facebook a whole bunch of people…

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India’s Own GPS in the Making:A Big Leap-First Satellite Launched

India  launched the first stage of its domestic satellite navigation network which will eventually provide services both to civilians and the military and is similar to the US Global Positioning System. The first of seven satellites was carried into space … Continue reading

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