10 Lost Cities Which Were Discovered Later

We Humans seem to have a need to imagine the past as grander than the present, and that the ancients had some knowledge we have lost. This belief has been compounded by archaeological discoveries of important citie. It seems absurd to us, in the age of the internet to remind us of every fact, that anything so large as a city could be lost. But cities have always fallen into disuse for a variety of reasons, and without a resident population, have been lost to history for centuries until rediscovered. This list focuses on cities which have been abandoned, forgotten (except perhaps by a few people living nearby) and rediscovered later.

Following are 10 of them:

  • Pavlopetri,Greece
  • Cliff palace,Colorado
  • Akrotiri,Santorini
  • Tikal,Guatemala
  • Timgad,Algeria
  • Machu Picchu,Peru
  • Mohenjo-daro,Pakistan
  • Petra,Jordan
  • Troy,Turkey
  • Pompeii and Herculaneum,Italy

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About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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