The reality of regional integration on the African continent


BY John Oliphant    

Exactly 20 years ago the World Economic Forum (WEF) had its first event in Africa about Africa. The theme then, and still is today, interestingly, looked at political stability and regional integration. Although there have been significant strides in relation to political stability, the latter continues to elude the continent.

The relevance of regional integration in Africa is neither new nor surprising. It was a primary objective of the African Development Bank back in 1964 when it set up shop. However, effective integration – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa – has been constrained by inadequate regional infrastructures and a contradictory collection of legal, institutional and regulatory frameworks.

These factors have led many pessimists to choose to dismiss regional integration as a nice idea that is not likely to happen. On the surface, they may appear correct if you consider the situation.

First, sub-Saharan Africa has a…

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