It’s not about the state of the world, but the state of sub-Saharan Africa



BY Adrian Saville | Business Focus   | May 28, 2013  

One of the key structural drivers of economic performance is economic openness which measures the connectedness and mobility of economies that comes about through international trade, capital flows and the movement of information and people. Achieving higher economic openness is a positive force in play that holds great promise for the sub-Saharan Africa.


Adrian Saville

Adrian Saville


From lagging developed markets, sub-Saharan Africa has played catch-up over the past 15 years. The region has shown annual real GDP growth some 2% per annum ahead of global growth. This, combined with structural reforms taking place in the sub-continent – which include governance and policy improvements, debt retirement and material political reforms – has yielded a region rich with opportunity. That this coincides with an era of advanced world structural decay only serves to highlight the potential of Africa

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