During the 18° century, the French ( monarchy) tried to colonize India. Dupleix, then governor general of the French establishments in India and the greatest rival of Robert Clive ( then British governor of Bengal), achieved to rule half of South India thanks to his diplomatic and commercial acute sense : he intervened directly with the South Indian princes by giving his army of sepoys in exchange of territories. In 1763, the Paris treaty ended the Seven Years’ war between the European nations, particularly between France and England. The confrontation between the two nations spred to North America and India where both countries had colonies. Being defeated, France had to abandon its colonies in North America while in India, France retained only five territories, the establishments of Pondichéry, Karikal, Yanaon, Mahé and Chandernagor. All of them were placed under British surveillance. Dozens of French officers were demobilized or deserted their garrisons to sell their services to…

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