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sage-handbookClare O’Farrell, ‘Michel Foucault: the unconscious of history and culture’. In Nancy Partner and Sarah Foot (Eds), The SAGE Handbook of Historical Theory. London: SAGE, 2013, pp. 162-182, 544 pages, ISBN: 9781412931144

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Summary of chapter
This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of Foucault’s treatment of history.

Introductory paragraph
The French thinker, Michel Foucault (1926 -1984) is noted for his extensive and controversial forays into the historical disciplines. When his work first began to circulate in the 1950s and 1960s, historians did not quite know what to make of it and philosophers resented the appearance of what they saw as the importation of the tedium of concrete events into the pure untainted realm of ideas. If these responses to his work remain alive and well decades after Foucault’s death, the uptake of his work has become far more complex. To restrict…

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