Urban Sprawl is Finished:Rising Oil Prices Will Turn Suburbs into Remote Slums

Many predict oil prices to start rising in just a few years. Even the US military says that we could start seeing massive shortages of oil as soon as 2015. Such shortages would not only effect the products we buy and the kind of transportation we use — but could reshape the way we organize our societies from the ground up.

Highlighting this often overlooked factor, a new study from the Australian Planner goes so far to argue that unless it radically reforms its urban planning and transportation policy, suburbs will become slums. There have been plenty of stories done on the topic of suburbs-turning-slums in the wake of the housing crash, but this report suggests that the price of oil will make the shift permanent.

 Professor Peter Newman of Curtin University, who is also an adviser to the federal government, said the most compelling finding of the research was that ‘urban sprawl is finished’. He said: ‘If we continue to roll out new land releases and suburbs that are car-dependent, they will become the slums of the future.’”

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