Indian village on global map

In a boost to organic farming in Bihar, Sohdih village in Nalanda district has found a place on the global map through the global positioning system (GPS) for sowing potato over an area of 160 acres by using natural fertilizers only.Impressed with the status of organic farming in Sohdih village , Escorts – a tractor manufacturer, decided to put the entire process of potato farming on the global map to make it available for everyone. The company will use GPS for sowing potato over an area of 160 acres by using natural fertilisers only. Now, the Bihar State Government has decided to promote organic farming in at least one village of the remaining 36 districts Representatives of a number of companies will meet state government officials on February 11 where they are likely to place order for sale or export of organic produces, Kumar said. Meanwhile, Agrawal said that the farmers may produce onions through organic farming after reaping high yield from potato crop having huge demand from across the country and the world.

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