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According to U.N. Estimates Cost of natural disasters $109 billion in 2010-Cities were More Vulnerable

Natural disasters caused $109 billion in economic damage last year, three times more than in 2009, with Chile and China bearing most of the cost, the United Nations said Monday. The 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile in February cost $30 … Continue reading

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Orion Nebula: Still Alive and Full of Surprises-We Could Get Second Sun

The Orion Nebula, also known as Messier 42, is one of the most easily recognisable and best-studied celestial objects. It is a huge complex of gas and dust where massive stars are forming and is the closest such region to … Continue reading

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New Layer in Google Earth will Show Astronomical Events in Real Time

 Even with some of the best telescopes, it’s hard to make out all the planets. But now, there’s a new way for you to explore space — traveling through the final frontier on your PC.Astronomers have added an application to … Continue reading

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World’s largest solar park planned in Greece

Greece plans to build the world’s largest solar park over depleted coal mines in the northern city of Kozani.Estimated to cost 600 million euros ($807 million) and with a capacity of 200 megawatts (MW), the project’s electricity output will be … Continue reading

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