Now,Agricultural Field Will SMS When to Water It

Farmers would soon get to know soil moisture content of their agricultural land which would help them in timely watering their crop through use of mobile phone.

Due to a innovative technical device developed by Kondamudi Swarna Rekha, an engineer from Andhra Pradesh,India, the multi functional wireless remote sensing device senses the soil moisture and alerts the farmers about the need for irrigation through SMS. The automatic irrigation control system developed by Rekha captures moisture content and electronically transfers message to farmers through mobile phone if field moisture content is low. The farmer then can switch on the water motor for irrigating his field while the motor automatically switches off after the field attains its desired moisture levels.

Swarna Rekha says a farmer needs only one-time investment of Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 for installing two to three machines which can cover around three acre of agricultural land.

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